Hip Hop Happy Hour (ft. Hanif Adurraqib)
6:00 PM18:00

Hip Hop Happy Hour (ft. Hanif Adurraqib)

Hip Hop Happy Hour is a monthly series presented by Tiny House Music Collective and DANK Collective. On the third thursday of each month we will have a featured speaker come and talk to us about a specific topic, whether it's a certain time period, artist, or element of hip hop. Afterwards, get to know a few of your local DJs and hip hop artists! A percentage of proceeds from the bar will be generously donated to support next year's Melanincholy Festival thank to our friends at Land-Grant Brewing Company.

This month we are featuring Hanif Abdurraqib, who will talk to us about 90's hip hop. 

Hanif is a poet, essayist, and cultural critic from Columbus, Ohio. His poetry has been published in Muzzle, Vinyl, PEN American, and various other journals. His essays and music criticism has been published in The FADER, Pitchfork, The New Yorker, and The New York Times. 

6:00pm: Introductions
6:30pm: Featured Speaker: Hanif Abdurraqib
6:50pm: Open panel discussion/ get to know local hip hop artists

Local art for sale/display curated by DANK.

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ComFest: BlackPride4 Mini Art Showcase + Fundraiser
1:00 PM13:00

ComFest: BlackPride4 Mini Art Showcase + Fundraiser

UPDATE: Since ComFest closed early today due to poor weather conditions, the Columbus Free Press has offered us their Sunday slot at 1:00 at ComFest. More details to follow!

The Feminist Flag Corps has offered us their 45-minute ComFest slot to honor and uplift the #BlackPride4, the four Black queer and trans protestors who were attacked and arrested by CPD during the Columbus Pride Parade.
During these 45 minutes, we will have local Black queer artists performing short sets of poetry or music! We'll also have local Black queer artists selling their art!

This mini art show will also function as a fundraiser for the #BlackPride4 -- all donations will go towards their legal fees. 
Come on down to the Solar Stage to enjoy the talent as well as show your solidarity with the #BlackPride4!

Invite your friends! If you can't make it, here's the YouCaring page where you can donate:

Artists performing:
Apollo Akembe
Kali Dreamer
Tatum Michelle Margot
Jocelyn Daniels

Artists selling:
Ren Hiromi
Bobby Luck
Justice Harley (Bxtch)

*This event is not affiliated with No Justice, No Pride or Black Lives Matter.

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Solidarity Show vol. 2: A Night of Politics, Poetry, & Music
8:00 PM20:00

Solidarity Show vol. 2: A Night of Politics, Poetry, & Music

Join ISO Columbus for vol. 2 of our solidarity shows. Combining music, poetry, and politics, we will explore what it means to live in solidarity with all oppressed people. 

This is also a fundraiser for ISO - Columbus’s trip to the Socialism 2017 conference in Chicago next month. We're bringing over 50 students and workers from across Central Ohio to attend, and we need your support in helping ensure it is accessible for everyone. 

A suggested $5 or $10 cover will be split between ISO and all of the performers.

During the political open mic, someone will speak about the #BlackPride4and we will be passing around a donation jar for their legal proceedings. 


Ingrid Raphael-
Immigrant, photographer and organizer with the ISO. Ingrid and fellow generational immigrant, Jessica Rodriguez, curated The Grid Zine which explores the untold immigrant narrative. Ingrid will perform poems from the zine, available for donations at the event, along with new work.

Ethan Rivera-
Ethan Rivera is a poet out of Columbus, Ohio. He is the Slam Organizer of Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam, a weekly open mic and slam series. He is the coach of The Ohio State University Slam Team and runs workshops for writing and performance with high schools around the city. Ethan has two poems published in Radius and an essay with Black Nerd Problems. After the election, Ethan's father told him that his only job was to "survive" and he is doing everything he can to make his father proud.



Kali Dreamer-

"A revolution that stops at your needs isn't revolutionary." - Aloe Vera

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